016 – Penguins and Polar Bears

It’s an interesting feeling knowing exactly what I want to do when I finish my degree but also having no idea at all. Its like I have a direction but no idea what to do with it and I have to try really hard to not plan it all.

For now, I’m following that curiosity which yesterday lead me to a seminar discussing child safe legislation, implementing child safe standards and making organisations child safe. See, I have always worked with children in the arts and have a grave concern for the lack of safeguarding in our industry. But that is a topic for another blog post. 

What was interesting about the seminar was that in a room or penguins, I was a polar bear. The attendees were big shots in terms of child safety across all sectors and it felt like oceans between how this seminar aligned with their interests vs. mine. 

I spent the first hour or two wishing I was a penguin. When I would recall anecdotes or offer my thoughts, it felt like everyone was doing the old “smile and wave boys, smile and wave.” 

It wasn’t because the seminar was poor quality….the seminar was amazing. 

It wasn’t because they were insensitive people…the people were extremely sensitive. 

It was because I had confirmed my suspicions. The arts practitioners in this state do not have a platform to discuss, learn or understand safeguarding in their/our language. We need a seminar for polar bears! And once I realised this, I stopped wishing I was a penguin and started plotting how I could bring the polar bears together. 

So, if you are the polar bear, whatever the situation, discuss your ideas with the penguins and offer your unique perspective. 

Don’t wish you were what you could never be and if you stay true to what you’re made of, you’ll find where you’re supposed to go. 

IMG_8928 2

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