015 – Season of Love

People always ask me about summer camp, and I always tell them to do it! It’s hard to explain quite what it’s like but if you know, you know. 

After returning home from my 3rd season (with little plans to stop) here’s my top 10 list of thoughts, tips and lessons in the hope they give you the push you need to try it! 

1. Always wear flip-flops in the shower

2. Don’t trust the big slab of butter in the breakfast buffet

3. If a camper says they like you…they mean it! (or they want something from Walmart)

4. Wearing someone else’s sweater is legally arguable evidence that you are a ‘thing’ (pray the campers ship you)

5. Camp chocolate milk is the best chocolate milk

6. No matter how much water you drink, you will always be dehydrated

7. Chipmunks love chocolate and will chew through wrappers, containers and walls to get it

8. Getting behind on Netflix/YouTube feels like when you didn’t pick a scab…strangely satisfying (but also itchy)

9. There are amazing things to try right at your door step! Like sailing, archery and trying to spot the northern lights!

10. Don’t be afraid to show all the love in the world! Because in my experience, what you give out to the world, you receive back…tenfold 


And I guess there’s always the chance you’ll meet the love of your life

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