013 – Balderdash

Running and running, through space and through time to a destination we’re not even sure we’ll like once we get there. Forgetting the process, forgetting the magic.

Because if you win the rat race, guess what? You’re still a rat.

The media storm floods me with drama, diets, despair, death. If that’s all I’m seeing, that’s all that is important right?

See past the balderdash coming from my phone, my idiot box, my pacifiers. See the bliss, beauty, bravery, beginnings happening around me. If our ‘passion’ is what we spend most of our time doing, it shouldn’t be checking social media or working a ‘job’ that isn’t fulfilling.

Because the destination is less important than the journey. And whether you enjoy the journey or not, there’s still no guarantee the destination won’t suck. So you might as well enjoy it. (Incase the destination does suck once you get there.)

Fight the ‘daily grind’, the ‘hustle’. Don’t be a rat in an un-winnable race.

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