012 – An open letter to my critics

An open letter to my critics,

Today I want to start my own company, yesterday I wanted to move to London, tomorrow I want to move to America.

In my life I have wanted to be a dancer, musician, zoo keeper, midwife, teacher, camp counsellor, physio, shop owner, housewife, personal trainer and when I was 6…I wanted to be a firetruck.

And in my life I have always been asked what I wanted to be. I was asked if I could pick any one thing, what would it be?

Well that’s just the problem isn’t it? What if I don’t want to be just one thing?

I often feel sorry for you. You, who were brought up to believe you must pick one job and stick with it. An idea you still teach others, even though societal expectations are expanding more rapidly than ever before. An outdated idea that limits the ultimate potential of a human’s lifespan.

I know you don’t believe I can have many dreams, many ambitions and how ever many careers I can fit into this lifetime.

And when you say to me: “you can’t do all that”, “you’re gonna have to choose” or “you change your mind every five minutes…”

I must insist that while I appreciate your concern, your beliefs are but a reflection of yourself. And if you truely believe I can’t do it all, it is a mere indication that you don’t believe you could.


Watch me.


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