010 – I think you’re inadequate

I think you’re inadequate

Well, I don’t.

But I bet you do, and it’s not your fault.

I too, used to think that I was inadequate. As an artist, as a writer, as a human.

Why? Because I was fed an idea of what “success” and “fame” and “making it” was. Not on the West End? Inadequate. Don’t have 50k followers? Inadequate. Don’t know what you want to be when you grow up even though you’ve tried 8 different careers and you’re 35 years old? Inadequate.

I tasted this idea of inadequacy, gobbled it down and ate it up, every meal, my entire life.

I tried to fill my inadequacy with material things. Trying to prove that I could be what everyone else thought I should be. Trying to covet as many things as I could, to show I was… I don’t know…wealthy? Trendy? Trying to show something that whatever it was, wasn’t my authentic self.

I never understood the ‘why’ to my consuming, so I kept consuming.

You could say my journey to minimalism was a progression over about the last four years. Though only the last 6 months have been intentional. It took four years to work out why I felt inadequate and why my inadequacy was fuelling my consumption. Through minimalism, I established that all the messages telling me to buy this or be like that were the very reason I felt inadequate. I finally asked myself “I’m inadequate compared to what?”. Once I realised that comparison is neither healthy or useful, I stopped comparing and I stopped consuming.

Essentially, I stopped trying to covet things and I started trying to covet values.

Because values are not trendy. They do not require a large (or any sized) bank account. They don’t expire and they don’t create waste. In economics, we would call it a public good which means it’s non excludable (doesn’t cost you anything) and it’s non-rivalrous (an unlimited resource ). Values are a win-win situation.

So, I own very little and I am adequate. I am not trendy and I am adequate. I don’t have 50k followers and guess what? I’m pretty fucking adequate.

Repeat after me:
I am adequate
I am worthy
I am enough as I am

And don’t you listen to anybody who says otherwise.

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