009 – Can I get an Amen?

I’m not one who’s ever found show reviews particularly meaningful. I do however, enjoy reading and discussing how a performance has altered thoughts, challenged perceptions, confirmed beliefs and questioned existence.

I didn’t choose to see Can I Get an Amen? because I thought it would do any of those things. I chose it because the Whoopi Goldberg inspired sermon delivered as part of the Perth Fringe Festival was written and performed by, an old friend. Kaitlyn is one of the most hilarious humans I have ever met, but she is sincere, street smart and unquestionably sassy.

With a lot of audience interaction, Kaitlyn, rather “Cecil” helps you to find your inner sass and become the best version of yourself…a message that definitely resonated throughout.

At times, I wondered if it was possible to pass out from laughing, I wondered if the gags, giggles or goon bags would ever end.

And then they did.

And I found myself 3 feet away from someone revealing a dark and misogynistic shade to women in entertainment. A raw and pressing topic that saw this young actress shed a few tears.

And I wondered if this was part of the act? A few chuckles kept trying to creep in, but it was a striking shift that saw the Laneway Lounge fall silent for the first time.

Though the mood was quickly lifted, my thoughts lingered back in that moment and I found myself asking a question I often do during performances, who is art for? 

I remember in London, early 2015 discussing with Kaitlyn her plans to start writing her own material and as I watched her, I couldn’t help but think this piece of art was just as much for her as it was for us.

Art is transcendent. Art is therapy. Art is escapism. It is discussions, it is education, it is ostensible and cathartic. But who is It for? Everyone..I guess… just on a million different levels.

I used to teach my students that art was both the most and least important thing in the world and once they understood that, their art would be their power.

It is peaceful to know, that this impressive artist has figured that out. Bravo.

Kaitlyn has one remaining show in Perth before traveling to Adelaide Fringe. Get a ticket here: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/can-i-get-an-amen-fw2018


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