007 – I don’t even like the news

So last week, my younger (extremely bright) sister moved to rural Australia while I was overseas. The tv that used to reside in my bedroom went with her.

Now, I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to get the glowing box out of my room in order to create a more productive and peaceful bedroom space. Though upon the (surprise) discovery that said box was gone, I didn’t feel relieved, I felt scared.

If you already don’t have a TV in your bedroom congratulations! I aspire to be as zen as you. If you’re like me and pacify life with the glowing box, read on.

Firstly, I was scared that waking up for 6.00am shifts would be more difficult because I normally get ready while watching the morning news.

I was also scared because sometimes while I am studying or writing or phoning my boyfriend, I like to have pictures and noise in the background.

Then I thought to myself, what’s the worst that can happen?

Firstly, Hayley, you don’t even like the news. You don’t need to watch the news. Anything that is that important will make itself known to you. Also, if I received an email about shootings, the stock market and the latest celeb news, I would most definitely delete it. Without a doubt. So why then do I let myself be pacified with these things? The same things I don’t want or need to see.

There are better things to do before work.

We are often taught that multitasking is a virtue and that reaching a seemingly unattainable level of multitasking symbolises that you have reached productivity nirvana. I don’t know about you, but having tv noise while I’m trying to focus on other tasks is actually not that effective. Dedicating my full attention to studying, writing or talking to my long-distance boyfriend is much more enjoyable without all the noise.

Whilst I pondered these thoughts, the latest chapter I read in Essential by the Minimalists, gave me the lightbulb I needed. They suggest that instead of thinking “what’s the worst that can happen?” when approaching a risk, you should rather think “what’s the best that can happen?”

So, if you will, take from this that sometimes the risk you’re avoiding might actually pay off in unimaginable ways. Motivate your choices by thinking about the best that could happen.

Find clarity. Find creativity. Be very careful about the messages you allow into your mental space. Create the productive space you imagine and do something bigger than staring at a glowing box.

1 thought on “007 – I don’t even like the news

  1. Love your pondering thoughts and how you put them into words ❤️ You beautiful insightful soul ❤️❤️


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