006 – Authentic v. Original

Think you’re the first person ever to do something?

Think again.

And before you ask “Well if I’m not/can’t be original, why bother create anything at all?”, I want to introduce you to the idea of aiming to be authentic rather than original. (Also, why aim so low? End goal = need to be original = rookie mistake) 

It seems common culture that everyone wants to create work that screams ORIGINAL and while I appreciate the need to innovate, all this “originality” is breeding a community of ownership. Because when we think something is original, we want to claim it as our own.

But here’s a secret: you can still be innovative without being “original”.  Umm what? But how can my work be of any value if it isn’t original?

It is of value if it’s created at all. 

Practising a genuine, true-to-yourself approach to your art will create work that is undoubtedly authentic and valuable. And it’s the authenticity factor that makes it innovative. Let yourself be captivated by other’s art, let it inspire you, let it manifest in your own ideas and produce something not of ownership, but of generosity. Because nothing is original.

I’ll say that one again for you, nothing is original. 

So in a community where everyone is obsessed with who is “stealing” “their” movement, be an artist who can authentically build and innovate and grow for the better. Stop wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel for the sake of being so goddamn original.

I promise it’s so much more fun on the other side.

Brought to you by a completely unoriginal but authentic blogger, inspired by The Minimalists, Elizabeth Gilbert, everyday life and my mum. 

1 thought on “006 – Authentic v. Original

  1. I’ll just say it again– I like the way you think. ~LMS


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